Safe Sex Campaign

Project Brief

The assignment for this project was to create two safe sex posters targeting teenage boys, encouraging them to wear protection during intercourse.

Behind the design

Teenage boys are a difficult audience to reach. For this design I used vibrant colors to draw their attention towards the project. One poster contains an image, and the other is typography only. I looked for a catchy, yet stimulating phrase to first draw them into the poster. Short, quick, and strong facts are given about teenage boys infection and STD rates. I avoided lengthy wording in order to not disengage my targeted audience.

Software Used: InDesign, Photoshop
Fonts used: Akzidenz Grotesk

For the concept of this poster, I decided to use an image of a match to play off the word flare. I put the statistics over the match so the consequences of having unprotected sex are understood. 

The composition is similar to the previous poster for this typographic poster. The slight difference with this poster is the use of bigger sized words. I put the term 'dont be next' in between the statistics for emphasis.